A Lottie London Review.

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Lottie London is a UK drugstore brand that I’ve always wanted to try and now that I have some products, I’m excited to try them out and review them for you . A couple of days ago I finally received my lottie london products and so I decided to do a review, especially of the B.A.E. ( Before Anything Else) primer

So the products I got are;

SHIMMER SQUAD, a highlighter palette with four shades within. These highlighters are buttery smooth and so pigmented .  Here are swatches of each shade

Lottie London Shimmer Squad

The bottom two shades; the good girl and the trouble maker lean towards paler skin as Good Girl is a white gold highlighter and Troublemaker is a white highlighter. The fact that they’re too light for my skin tone doesn’t make them any less beautiful. The Flirt is a bronzey gold highlighter which is actually my favorite highlighter in the pan and Queen Bee is a champagne gold that I adore, it does run a little light for my skin tone, however, I’m gonna wear it eitherway.

Next product is the GOT IT COVERED concealer in the shade Sand (doesn’t Lottie London  have the cutest names for their products) . Below is a swatch

Lottie London Got It Covered Concealer

This was my least favorite product of the bunch. It creases especially under my eyes and is kind of difficult to blend out. But the name is cute though.

Next products are the Lottie London ARCH RIVAL BROW ARTIST in the shade dark, which is a retractable brow pencil. The first time I used the brow pencil I found it a little dry and didn’t like it very much but on my second and third try I found I like it quite well.  The color is dark but not extremely dark. I feel like it’s the perfect pencil for a natural brow. Next is the Lottie London WING WOMAN which is a felt tip eyeliner. I adore this liner it is extremely black, glides on smoothly and dries down to a beautiful matte black. Below are swatches of the two products, the top swatch is of the liner and below it is the brow pencil

Lottie London Arch Rival and Wing Woman

Next product is the Lottie London SLAY ALL DAY lip kit in the shade Hey BAE. Below is a swatch

Lottie London Slay All Day , Hey Bae

This is my second favorite product in the bunch. I had to use flash while taking this picture because it was so nude. However it is the best nude I have ever had. It is basically my lip color. The formula is beautiful it feels so soft as you apply it, smells like cookies and dries down totally matte. If you still don’t get it, I totally adore this lip colour.

The final product is the Lottie London B.A.E  Before Anything Else primer. This primer claims to be a luminous primer and for someone with oily skin (at least on their t-zone) like me  that spells bad news but I hoped that it would be hydrating and thus would reduce the oil production in my skin.  When I first squirted it out it came out pink and looked a lot like moisturizer. The primer has a very strong smell that I don’t like but it goes away almost immediately after you apply it. I conducted a primer test to see how long my makeup last with this primer. So here are pictures of my makeup at different times.


Below is my makeup 5 hours later and quite impressively there’s no oiliness. However you can see that the concealer creased under my eyes.

Below is a picture of my makeup 7 hours  later and I’m finally shiny but only on my nose which is amazing considering that usually by the third hour after I put on my makeup my entire t-zone is oily.

The result of this primer test is that I just might have found my new all time favorite primer.

So there is my review of the few Lottie London makeup products that I bought. Before I forget to mention it, Lottie London doesn’t ship to Nigeria however you can purchase their products on Asos.  I hope this review helps you make an informed decision as to whether to buy any Lottie London product.

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10 Replies to “A Lottie London Review.”

  1. I just love the name they give their products very cute and memorable! And pretty long lasting. Love the review


  2. Great review Nessa, I should get myself the primer, as you know besides having an oily skin, my face sweats too.

  3. Your primer review was my favourite because yeah, it showed you love the product, same with the lipstick too. Definitely adding the primer and lipstick and wing liner to my brother’s cart when next he is shopping on Asos… I wish there was a store in Nigeria that retails them so I don’t have to wait forever for them. I think I will just try the wing liner too except I am scared it will irritate my eyes and cause it to water…

    I love this review and your makeup, fine girl… Can’t believe I don’t really come to your blog… I should visit more often

    1. Welcome to the blog Alice. Thanks for stopping by. I wish there was a store that carried drugstore makeup brands in Nigeria and I didn’t have to deal with all the shipping issues as well.

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