Pastels, 2018?

Pastels were everywhere last year and they are going nowhere, quickly taking them away from a fashion trend to a fashion staple. Keep this statement in mind as we explore pastels using me as a mannequin.

Pastels are hues of basic colors that are soft and delicate, creating a light and almost fragile aesthetic. Pastels are incredibly tricky to wear. This is because as soft colors they have the tendency to wash you out.So before I show you how I look in pastels here are a few tips on how to include this trend to your closet.

  • Chose a pastel shade; I would recommend a pastel pink, or a pastel blue even a pastel yellow for dark-skinned girls. Just chose a hue that doesn’t wash you out
  • Pick a staple item of clothing; Most of the runway pastel outfits are head to toe pastels and this can be a bit daunting for one who has never worn pastels before or doesn’t have an affinity for soft tones. To ease your way in pick a piece of clothing that can be a staple, a pair of pants or a jacket or a sundress. What choosing a staple pastel piece does for you is enable you mix and match with prints and patterns as well as other colors.
  • Layer; After choosing a staple, like say, a jacket. Throw in a printed sundress that has a bit of your pastel color in the print. If you’re feeling adventurous use an accessory or shoe in a different pastel color.
  • Pop of Color; To avoid looking sallow and washed out, use a bold color to throw off  the pastel and add dimension to your look.

Here are a couple pictures of how I wore the pastels trend.

I layered two staple pieces on each other. The first is a pastel blue shift dress that I’ve had since I was a child. The other is a pastel toned grey dress I bought last year. I threw in another pastel color with my shoes. I wore a pastel pink pair of embroidered boots. For my pop of color, I chose a blue mini cross body bag. The location also helped with the pop of color.

Below are a couple more pictures.

Patel dress and flower bush

Pastels are the color trend for 2018

Pastel Outfit Details

Pastel Blue dress: TOMBOY

Tulle dress: PRIMARK



Here’s one more portrait of me because I’m absolutely obsessed with these pictures. Can you believe my mother took them?

Let me know what you think in the comments section, would you wear the pastel trend? Connect with me on my social media. Instagram and Twitter are @vanessa_ohaha

12 Replies to “Pastels, 2018?”

  1. Wow. I most say Mummy did a great job taking this beautiful shoots.
    Yes but don’t even know pastel but I’ll have to go and find out cos I’m intrigued. Well done VA Nee Sah ??

  2. I love how detailed your explanation on what pastels are and how to rock them. The kind of style posts I love to read.

  3. Your mother took these pictures???
    Wow! She’s amazing.

    Honestly, I tend to shy away from pastels. I usually play safe with my outfits.
    But, after reading this post, I probably will be looking out for them when outfit shopping.

    I love this post Vanessa❤

    1. I’m glad you liked it. I used to shy away from pastels as well, but i’m begining to be sold on them

  4. Love what you did with the layering! It’s really amazing. I’m still on the look out for affordable pastel pieces for guys. They are hard to find. Love your photos too! They are so sharp.

  5. I love this post! Your shoes your dress, just amazing. Wish they were more up close for me to feast my eyes longingly on ?

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