How To Make Shimmer Eyeshadows Look Neat

Shimmer  shadows, love them, despise them, can’t use them… I never was an eye shadow girl, never was a makeup girl until YouTube. With YouTube came a love for eye shadows, so I practiced and practiced. Now I can safely say that I have become pretty good with eye shadow.

I have gotten a certain question frequently on my beauty posts on social media. How do you make your shimmer shadows so glittery and yet so neat? This post will answer this question. This post is targeted at beginners and so will be explained in simple terms.

Eyeshadow Base

Just like for your foundation you need a base, a primer, so too for your eye shadow. Creating a base for your eye shadows will help them pop and stay on all day. It also keeps your eye shadow from creasing. You can use an eye shadow primer in white or skin tone. I prefer to use a concealer as a base. I use the LA Girl Pro conceal in the shade toast which I use to clean up my brows.  What that means is that I have a near skin tone color as my base. Below is an affordable alternative.

NYX concealer pot

To avoid that base or concealer creasing, set it with powder. Most people like to set with a translucent powder, I though, like to use and eye shadow the same color as the concealer . My favorite to use is from my Makeup Revolution Flawless 3 palette as  you can tell it’s that well loved shadow below.

Makeup Revolution Flawless 3

Choose the right brushes

To get your shimmer shadows, popping and neat, the right brush goes a long way. First is using the right crease color that the shimmer can pop against. Place in right in your crease and blend for the gods and to get a precise blend, I recommend a tapered blending brush. It packs the shadow right in your crease and blends it right out. My favorite is My Wet and Wild blending brush but an alternative is BH cosmetics brushes which are affordable and ship internationally.

BH Cosmetics pointed crease brushBH Cosmetics pointed crease brush

To apply the shimmer shade to the lip a pointed flat brush can help you place that shimmer shade precisely on the lip. Using this brush can help you achieve a cut crease without actually cutting your crease. My fave is my Wet and Wild small concealer brush with a pointed tip. Another alternative is the BH Cosmetics vegan eye precision makeup brush. Spray your brush with some fixing spray to give the shimmer shadows and extra pop.

BH Cosmetics eye precision makeup brush

Those are my tips for glittery, neat shimmer  eye shadows. Connect with me on social media. Like and Comment.


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