MUR Iconic Division- Eyeshadow Look

We have arrived at the final post in the Reloaded Iconic palette series. This post is about the Makeup Revolution Iconic Division palette.

This eyeshadow palette is a dupe for the very controversial ABH Subculture palette. This palette has the most interesting colors which led to an interesting makeup look. Before we get into the look, let’s review the palette.

Iconic Division Review

The Iconic Division palette has 15 shades which is 1 shade extra than the Subculture palette. Like the other palettes in the collection it is extremely pigmented.

Swatches of the Iconic Division palette

There seems to be a lot more fall out from both matte and shimmer shades in this palette than the others.  However, the fall out or kick back isn’t as bad as that in the Subculture palette. Makeup Revolution seemed to have found a formula for their eyeshadows that provide great quality and still be affordable.

If you hated Subculture and want a less expensive alternative, get the Iconic Division palette. If you always wanted Subculture but it was too expensive, get the Iconic Division palette.


Iconic Division Eyeshadow Look

On Instagram Live at 1pm on the 26th of March, I tested out the Iconic Division palette. I created a halo cut crease eyeshadow look using the palette.

Halo cut crease eyeshadow using Iconic Division palette

I used the shades swatched above to create this look.

To see how I achieved this look , you can still watch the Live video until 1pm today.

On my lips are the Makeup Revolution Liquid Lipstick in Magnificent and the lime green shimmer shadow.

There it is the final look and palette in this month long series. You can read the other posts here.

Would you like to see more series like this? Let me know in the comments below.

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