90’s Resurgence- A Pictorial

The bold color trend brought about something I’ve been anxiously waiting for, a 90’s resurgence.

I’m a 90’s kid and 90’s fashion is one of my favorite things ever. For the longest time I waited for the fashion world to catch up. Now that it has though, its teetering on clownish. However, the 90’s kid in me refuses to let that stop me from joining in the fun.

Styling a look for myself wearing bright colors was difficult. This is because I barely have any bright colors in closet. I tried to go thrift shopping  (if you watched my stories, you’d know how that went) but that didn’t work. So in the process I decided to wear a monotone bright color and throw in two contrasting , not so bright colors.


Bold Colors in the 90's Resurgence

Bright colors in the 90's Resurgence

That too didn’t seem enough for some reason and so I decided upon a location that fed into the theme. Like most of my locations, I spied with my little eye the perfect place to shoot. On the Karmo/Life Camp road in Abuja, is a bottling depot. They have crates of different colors stacked up high and immediately I felt inspiration kick in.

The Undercurrents of the 90’s Resurgence

Now 90’s fashion isn’t just about bright colors or color blocking like a lot of people seem to think. There are so many undercurrents to 90’s style. On every occasion I’ve styled a look inspired by the 90’s, I drew from different undercurrents. You can read them here, here and here. Ath-leisure in the 90's Resurgence

For this look, I was inspired by ath-leisure and denim but decided to push fast forward to our era and accepted minimalism and so I tried to tread the fine line between the maximal-ism of the 90’s and the minimalism of the future.

Ath-leisure and Denim in the 90's Resurgence

While styling this look, I DIY-ed  one of the most trending purses right now, the triangle purse. I shared this DIY on my Instagram Stories and is saved onto my highlights. To throw off the blue monotone look I wore some red sandals and carried a purple purse. Not very adventurous, I know but eh that all I have in my closet.

It was very exciting and honestly stressful to style this look, I almost did not shoot this look. I felt like I was letting myself down. Like it didn’t need to be documented. However, my love for 90’s style and this blog, helped push through those insecurities and fears. Big thanks to my cousin Ruby who took the time out of her day to take these pictures, I love you very much.

As we enter into the month of April, I cannot wait to run over challenges that throw a wrench in my creative crock pot. Thank you every single person who has read any post at all on the blog. Yes I know i’m getting mushy but it needs to be said. Thank you. Please connect with me on social media, @vanessa_ohaha on Twitter and Instagram where I am the most active.

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  1. I like this look, I especially love the athletic vibes. The denim jacket was the perfect piece to seal the deal. I definitely need a pair of my own. Love the picture location too!.

    Princess Audu

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