Is Blogging Dead? The Future of Fashion Journalism.

In the last fashion article it was established that print fashion media is dying a slow death. There are hopes of survival but the future is uncertain. The conversation about the death of print has been ongoing for years. A new conversation however, has begun. The conversation about the future of blogs. The death of blogging ? 

Not so long ago, blogs were the future of journalism and other kinds of writing. However, with the large influx of new blogs in recent years, that is debatable. An industry so saturated will do one of two things, diversify to make room or slowly wither away.

Blogs when they first started were a way for unpublished writers to share their work . Also for some, a personal diary of sorts. With the rise of social media however, bloggers started to get recognition for their work. The fashion industry began to view bloggers as an important part of the bigger picture.  A trend wasn’t a trend until bloggers wore it. Fashion news wasn’t really fashion news until it was in the blogs. This was because blogs acted as a middle man between, fashion brands/houses and the customer.

Behind the Death of Blogging

What are some of the reasons for this slow death ? Below are some possibilities;

Nobody reads anymore. Gen Z is said to be filled with young people who have no interest in reading. The shorter the character length the more appealing it is. This definitely doesn’t sound good for blogs, especially because reading is essential to blogs.

Video is taking over. YouTube is ranked the third most popular website in the world. What with people not reading anymore, video content is incredibly appealing. The new social networking feature of YouTube gives it an added edge. Viewers and content creators get to connect on the same platform that the content is put out.

Is YouTube replacing blogs? 

SEO has changed. By 2015 it was said that mobile surpassed desktop in terms of google searches.  So the focus was on optimizing the mobile experience for users. Also bloggers have to deal with the changing google algorithm. This has led to the end of a lot of blogs who just get lost in the ether.

Social media is everything. Everyone is obsessed with social media. The quick, short sharing of information via social media cannot replaced. Instagram Live, Facebook Live. Twitter Live, YouTube Live etc. The live features of these social networks allow for users to be a part of the action as it happens. The focus has shifted and the need for blogs quickly reducing as the information can be found on social media.

Bloggers say about the death of blogging

What do bloggers think, Paul Sutton quotes blogger Geoff Livingston who said: “the conversation era has ended”. Paul goes on to say maybe people don’t want conversation any more. Instead favoring the fleeting nature of social media.  Read Paul’s full article here.

Nigerian blogger, Sarah  Audu says: “There seems to be more focus on social media particularly Instagram, which has taken the place of most blogs.” Read Sarah’s full thoughts here.

With the slow and somewhat impending death of print fashion media and of blogging what does the future hold for fashion journalism?

What do you think? Has the conversation era ended? Has social media taken everything over? Is YouTube the new TV? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

3 Replies to “Is Blogging Dead? The Future of Fashion Journalism.”

  1. Well, I wouldn’t confidently say it has ended, just slowly dying down. Which means it could end pretty soon anyway though. As someone who loves both reading and holding convos, I don’t see a better lifestyle off them, personally speaking. Social media has taken over, making access to information and connections easier but also creating false validations. And yes, YouTube might just be the new TV. Nothing really beats the combo of sight and sound in passing a message.
    Well done! You gave me something to really think about.

  2. I think you highlighted some amazing points here. The truth is, there will always be people who may not afford data cost required to watch YouTube videos, so, they’ll still need to be reading. But then, here comes Instagram… which has literally overtaken Facebook and twitter,.. these social media sites are the real threat to blogging and print journalism. need I remind you of pinterest.
    Also, there are just some things like, tutorials that blogging will never be enough for… so this is why versatility comes in, so long as you are able to keep up. These days I see bloggers starting YouTube channels and vice versa… no one wants to be left behind par-adventure, one goes obsolete.
    We just have to stay on top of our game. This is how land phones are literally non-existent now. There some things we can’t save… that’s the 21st century for you darling.

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