Clash Course-A Pink and Red Pictorial.

This past month I’ve been all about the pink and red trend. From high fashion, to high street to street wear, pink and red is everywhere.  Spring 2018 brought along with it some amazing trends. My favorite is probably the pink and red trend. That’s a lot to say because they are two of my least favorite colors. However, the two of them together are a winning combination.

For my take on the pink and red trend I decided to go the editorial route. When I say editorial, I mean the Rihanna, i’m an other worldly creature kind of editorial.  The kind of look that gives off i’m better than you vibes. Honestly, in my opinion, its the kind of look that can make the cover of i-D magazine.




I took it to the next level by making my outfit. I was terrified to make this dress but it turned out pretty amazing. The jacket is also a fave. I was apprehensive about this jacket so I used a poor quality fabric as a tester. The next time I make it I will use a much better fabric.



What are your thoughts on high fashion/editorial fashion?. Rihanna seems to have taken the shine off of everyday fashion. Stepping out  in sometimes the most (Ri Ri stans please forgive me) ridiculous outfits known to man. Pieces that would get the ordinary person crazy stares.

Do you think that it places an unreachable expectation in front of fashion lovers? Does editorial styling reside only on the cover of fashion magazine?

I on the other hand, i’m all for elevating everyday fashion pieces to high fashion genius.


It just makes me feel like I can conquer the world and honestly like I am Rihanna Fenty.

Share with me the most high fashion look you have ever worn and how it made you feel in the comments.

4 Replies to “Clash Course-A Pink and Red Pictorial.”

  1. While I do admire high fashion editorial looks because of their out of the box creativity, you would definitely not catch me wearing one because my style is pretty basic and classic. As for your outfit, I love red and pink together! It’s oh so classic and this look is no exception. Can’t believe you made your Dress, it’s so pretty and unique wow. Love that 3rd shot the most.

    Princess Audu

  2. That first picture came out so well and the colour combination works oddly well. Great job.
    On the Rihanna front, in as much as the outfits look weird a lot of the time she wears them well.

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