Sorbet Season – Pastel Redo

Pastels were the very first Spring/Summer 2018 trend I took on, you can read that post here. When I was researching pastel looks, I came across a subsection of the trend;  sorbet toned clothes. It only made sense, summer comes along with ice cold sorbets. So why not sorbet toned clothes. No bs-ing, Nigeria has been in sorbet season all year. 

This month of May, I will be restyling the Spring/Summer trends reported on this year. Seeing as its been sorbet season in Abuja all year, I decided to go that route for my pastel redo.

Styling for Sorbet Season

Styling this look was actually pretty difficult. I struggled between high fashion, punchy,  unexpected and everyday, laid back cool. But then I remembered that sorbets are light, airy and refreshing and so the look should translate that as well.

When I am styling a new look especially for the blog, thrift shopping is my go-to. Affordable fashion just makes it a lot easier to be creative. So, I either, thrift or make it myself. This time I decided to thrift and do a little borrow borrow from my mother’s closet as usual. Before I let you into what is thrifted and what isn’t let me show you the look.

Sorbet season

The top was a thrift find which I got for N150. I not only purchased this top because it fit the color scheme but because it gave 90’s vibe. Immediately I pictured it with a mini skirt in the same color but I couldn’t find a matching or contrasting color skirt. I immediately  threw out the idea of strict retro but decided to go with light, sporty and feminine.

In a bid to find a pair of bottoms that enhanced the sorbet tone of the top, I wandered into my mothers closet. In her closet I found these white lace trousers. It hit me right then that white is such a good color to enhance the color of the top. To add some dimension, I decided to wear my pastel pink sneakers which I also thrifted a while back.

Shooting the look for Sorbet Season.

Shooting this look was a major deal, I had to translate the spring is here feel with location. The background couldn’t clash against the outfit. Bricks Cafe in Wuse 2 Abuja, served as the perfect location. A huge thank you to the owner and staff of Bricks Cafe who were incredibly accommodating to us shooting there.

An honorable mention to the banana bread at Bricks cafe, it is so light and airy and fresh.  

Bricks Cafe boasts a beautiful porch with lanterns and potted plants which fed so easily into the summery vibes of the outfit.

I feel like one more picture . Should I? WHY NOT?

Its sorbet season guys, indulge in a sorbet or two and take it up a notch and wear a sorbet toned outfit.

4 Replies to “Sorbet Season – Pastel Redo”

  1. I feel you, I really miss thrifting. I honestly found it a lot easier to be creative and out of the box with such pieces. While a miniskirt in this coulour would have been perfect, the pairing with the trousers still works. The vest is definitely such a bargain. Love the ambiance of Bricks Cafe, I’ve always wanted to shoot there, perhaps it’ll be sooner rather than later I guess.

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    1. Thrifting really allows for creative expression. I was actually really upset about not finding a skirt, I went round the market but didn’t find something I liked. Bricks Cafe is pretty awesome and they’re incredibly accommodating.

  2. Pastels ran rampant back in college when I was a younger man (2012,2013); even with guys. Salmon colored shorts, pink shirts, lots of yellows, and of course all the ladies in their Lily Pulitzer sun dresses. Never thought of Nigeria as a place where such fashion could thrive.

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