Fenty Body Lava Dupe + DIY

This post has me so excited. Fenty Beauty Body Lava shut down the internet and immediately came the flurry of dupe searches and DIY trials. So here are two Body lava dupe products. 

In this post we look at two dupes. One for each shade of Fenty Body Lava. The first dupe is the Barry M In The Glow Tahitian Body Oil.

This product is a dupe for the body lava in Brown Sugar. A bronzing glow oil with golden undertones.

Barry M body Lava Dupe

This product was released years before Fenty but recently has become a favorite. Its currently out of stock on Asos. This product gives a subtle golden glow but definitely can be built up to blinding levels. Its a 50ml bottle so it definitely will last long.

DIY Body Lava Dupe

My next dupe is a DIY project. This is a dupe for the body lava in WHO NEEDS CLOTHES. Which has rose gold undertones.

Here is how I made my dupe.

  • For my Liquid, I used Aloe Vera gel. This is because it is amazing for the skin. Also because it dries down to a matte finish and won’t stain my clothes.

  • Fill a bottle halfway with aloe vera gel.

  • Next scrape out rose gold highlighters and scoop into the bottle. How much is a personal choice. The amount determines the glow level.

  • Shake thoroughly to mix.
  • Voila.


Testing Body Lava Dupe.

On my IG LIVE I tested out these two dupes and showed you how amazing they look on melanin skin. I took the liberty of taking pictures of what they look like.

Look at that glow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! There’s something that highlighters does that just makes you feel so good. My energy just changes when I put on any glow product.


P.S My LIVE video is still up until 3pm of Tuesday March 8.

2 Replies to “Fenty Body Lava Dupe + DIY”

    1. Yassss girl. That glow is blinding.
      Yes I got my aloe gel in Abuja, however where I got it, it was running out of stock.However, I heard that you can get it from online stores like Jumia.

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