5 Degrees of Inane

As bloggers we focus so much on creating content. We work so hard to fight a creative block. We struggle to stand out in the ether of bloggers. Especially when this is a source of income. Planners and notebooks, electronic schedules and pre scheduled social media posts. Spontaneity is no where to be found. SEO is of number 1 priority.

This week my blog and social media activities have been planned out. I had started to keep with the plan by shooting an IG Live. The next plan was a blog post based on that Live. As I sat ready to type this post, I was uninspired. I had a successful Live video but blogging about it just seemed uninspired. Almost like I was trying too hard to be a ‘professional blogger’.

So I decided to throw all of that to the wind. My expectations and  ideas of perfection. Today I chose to blog about the most inane thing I can ; nothing and everything.

The Inane

First in the pile of nothingness, is eyeshadow. Your girl went from not wearing eyeshadow at all to attempting intense color work and not failing miserably.

I present to you Exhibit A:

Nope there’s no Exhibit B. This is not a makeup post.

I don’t know if you can tell by the frenzied pace of my writing, I am excited. My first blog was a personal diary where I spouted whatever I wanted. On this post, I get to do so.

Next on my list is the opening of Cafe Neo in Abuja.As a near coffee addict, this news made me so excited, I still am, honestly.  More importantly the cutest email I’ve ever received. Team Neo had me smiling throughout as I read that email. I’m so excited to go to the launch and revel in caffeinated goodness.

Next is food. On twitter, Indiana said to me: “Vanessa, food just has your name on it”. I am not giving context because context or not it’s true. I love food so much, made by me or not. Channeling the words of Jon Hendricks when he said: “Feed me until I want no more, cause the way to my heart is through my stomach”.

Am I inane enough yet? Noooooooo

Jon Hendricks is a good segue into my love of Jazz; The Andrews Sisters, Nat King Cole and of course Hendricks are just a few of the loves of my life.

Should I stop here ? Okay I will… not.

My final inane thought, is that life is too precious to live by schedules set in stone especially with something you love. Let that passion drive you to be spontaneous and ridiculously fun with it.



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  1. First of all,your makeup game is legit!!!! Second, sometimes ranting is needed. I absolutely enjoyed reading this. And I can’t wait for cafe neo to come to PH


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