An Adire Take On Bold Colours

It’s the third week in May and it’s bold colours week. Every week in May, I restyle the spring/summer trends I reported on this year.  I decided to go back to my roots for this, Adire!. Adire bold colours are inherently African, Nigerian specifically. The mix of colours make for the perfect bold and colourful look.

How to Wear Adire Bold Colours

  • Pick a fabric that has colours that make you happy. Yes I said happy, colours make me happy.
  • Wear adire as separates.Perhaps, a trouser or a top.
  • From the adire pick an accent color. A accent color is a color you chose to take centre stage in other arts of your outfit.
  • Use your accent color in accessories; shoes, bag, even sunglasses.

Want to see an example. Well, I have one on hand for you. I really like how this look turned out. In my head it looked uber cool, but most times reality changes things. However, this look, turned out cooler than how it looked in my head. I’m going to cool it on the rambling, i’ll be back though.

Adire bold colours


Details on my Adire Bold Colours

To show that my instruction manual does work, we’re going to break it down.

  • I didn’t choose this adire, it was part of an asoebi package. However, this fabric makes me so happy, the yellows are so bright and light.
  • When I got this fabric, I knew that having a top and bottom would be overkill. So, I made a pair of pants only.
  • I chose two accent colours; Yellow and Blue.
  • I used the Yellow for my top and my shoes. The Blue in my hat and bag.

See, adire is so cool and you can make it work in all sort of different ways. I feel like such a cool kid and isn’t just cool how that container just matches  my outfit? It’s one of the spots I scouted when walking looking for shoot location around my home.



Adire: Adire is traditional tye-dye fabric.

Asoebi; literally translated ‘family cloth’. It’s a Yoruba word for the matching clothes that family members wear for events which identify them as family. Asoebi has become a Nigerian phenomenon that cuts across ethnic groups and a major part of Nigerian weddings.

N.B : My Yellow mules are from a Nigerian brand, Replica by Jane. They are extremely comfortable and well made. The yellow is such a pretty colour.

I leave you with the mandatory Vanessa is smiling/talking picture.

Mandatory mid speech/smile photo

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