Abuja Festival Checklist

Its festival season in the ‘buj. Very soon a bunch of Abuja festivals will be the place to be. EKPO’s Summer Bbq Fest is this month, TCM Festival should be here soon and so many others. Just this past Saturday was She Leads Africa’s Lafiya Lifestyle Festival. So, I thought that it’d be helpful to provide a checklist of the basics you need. This checklist isn’t so cumbersome so that you’re not logging a heavy bag at a festival. So let’s get into it.

  • Bag and Wipes

Abuja festival checklist

Carry a bag that is light but big enough to carry your stuff. Maybe a knapsack will be more convenient, or a stylish rattan bag with long straps. Also wipes are a must. Abuja festivals are a gathering ground for food vendors. So wipes will be necessary to clean your hands after eating all that good food.

  • Sunglasses, Money, Blotting paper

Abuja Festival Checklist

Sunglasses are a priority. As the sun can get really hot and blinding, well except it rains. Next is money. Abuja festivals feature a bunch of vendors, so some cash will be great. Blotting paper, this is for my girls who have makeup on.  I choose to not wear makeup to these events, but if you do, some blotting paper will be awesome to blot oiliness after a couple hours.

  • Blanket, Hand Fan, Umbrella, Comfy shoes

Abuja Festival Checklist

A blanket or mat will be important if you can’t be on your feet all day. You will need something to sit on and a blanket will be awesome. Hand fan, depending on the weather, it could be sweltering and a hand fan will come in handy (see what i did there, lol). Umbrella, because, Abuja weather is temperamental to say the least, it might rain and an umbrella wouldn’t hurt. Comfy shoes, this is a matter of personal choice but I recommend sneakers or slides.


There you have it, my quick checklist for having a great time at an Abuja festival. Wait! one last thing; Go with a friend or two.

Enjoy Abuja festival season guys.

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