White & Beige in Spring? Weather Fashion!

Around the world its spring but here in Abuja Nigeria, the hot/dry season is here! The first rains might have had us fooled but its been hotter as the days go bye. So I decided to shoot a weather appropriate look and it so happens to feature White and Beige tones. This weather appropriate look was mostly inspired but breathable fabric . What fabric will be best for the heat .

Here’s my very short list of heat appropriate fabric: 


N.B If it is within your power to do so, avoid thick wools and satins as those will just stick to your body. You will be guaranteed to feel icky all day. 

My look features two breathable fabric. My pants are linen and my top is a silk chiffon. I have a feeling that linen will be my fabric of 2019.

Beige and white top and pants for hot weather fashion.
Silk Chiffon and Linen for hot weather fashion
Chiffon top for hot weather fashion

What are your ways of dressing to combat the heat? Let me know in the comments.

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