Nouveau Milkmaid in Nigerian Summer

One of my favourite trends of 2018 and 2019 summers is the milkmaid trend. The return of the square neck, puffy sleeved, voile, floral, stripes and bodice detailed peasant dresses and blouses just fill me with a bit of romanticism.

Milkmaid dress and rattan hat

This trend began surfacing in the later half of 2018 and this return was largely led by high end fashion designers and cost quite a lot. They were a constant feature on all of our IG timelines, on all our favourite bloggers and influencers.

Now you wouldn’t think that a trend named after an outdated farm girl would take over fashion and be incredibly versatile but that’s where you have it wrong. However, in summer 2019 high street brands like, Zara, Asos Topshop etc have made this trend available to everyone.

milkmaid striped dress

As to the versatility of this trend you can translate this trend quite literally and wear a milkmaid dress with a pair of farm boots or you can dress it up for a fun night out with the girls with a pair of strappy heels. You can also dress it down by pairing a milkmaid blouse with your fave pair of jeans; mom, straight, kick flares etc. and some mules/sneakers and you’re set.

Well as for me I decided to go quite literal in my interpretation of the trend, I tried in my look to explore a few features of the original milkmaid look. So I paired a traditional Austrian farm girl dress with floral ankle boots and a rattan hat.

Striped dress and floral boots

Outfit Details

  • Milkmaid Dress; Traditional Austrian dress, thrifted for N300
  • Floral Boots; Primark
  • Hat: From my mom’s closet.

Attached below are a couple links for you to shop items similar to mine so you can get the link.

In the next post we’ll discuss another of my favorite trends of 2019.

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  1. Okurrrrrrr this is so on point. Haven’t really taken note of this trend but I’m totally adding it to my annual fashion Trends list. And girl n300 for a dress this clean?? I’m coming to Abuja ??

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