Suiren – A Summer Fashion Editorial

I finally got to work with Temidayo Johnson of King and Johnson after almost three years and the result is this fashion editorial; Suiren. Suiren is the Japanese word for ‘water lily’ but also is the term for aquatic skills aimed at helping a Shinobi or Samurai while swimming.

Suiren float

When Temidayo said he wanted to shoot in my pool and sent me his mood board, I was a bit apprehensive. Only because I had no idea how this would play out. For one thing, my pool is only a small plunge pool and he probably wouldn’t be able to achieve all the pool side shots he wanted to. The next thing I was nervous about was the styling. This was because I wanted fabric that could move and would not become heavy from the water. I decided to go with a lilac organza top that I had thrifted a while back. Can I just say though, we were thouroughly suprised at how it turned out. Mainly because, it looked nothing like the mood board.

Why Suiren?

Suiren because, at different points within this shoots words like water lily and Samurai were thrown out. I honestly felt like a water lily floating on by in a pond. The makeup had a lot to do with the effect we had. Simple gloss on the lids and lips.

Suiren in a pool

I also felt like a Samurai who had perfected fighting skills in water, Suiren!

Suiren with rattan hat

I really enjoyed shooting this fashion editorial. That’s not the end of my collab with King and Johnson. You really think I’d let him go after one shoot? I can’t wait to show you the other round of magic we created.

What do you thing of the Suiren Editorial, let me know in the comments.

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