Get Caught in Euphoria Makeup Mania

You’re not caught up in Euphoria and it’s makeup mania like the rest of the world? Girl, where’s the rock you’ve been living under?

The HBO show Euphoria since its premiere has quickly garnered a huge following. However, a major part of the show responsible for this following is the makeup on the show. The show’s head makeup artist, Doniella Davy describes the makeup on the show as ‘mini outfits’. The extravagant, glittery, shimmering works of art have quickly become fan favorites. Doniella goes further to say that there are ‘subliminal emotional messages’ always in the makeup. Who doesn’t love a little emotion with their makeup. In an interview with allure magazine she says : ”If they’re experiencing different emotions and circumstances in all these scenes then the makeup had to be different”

These makeup looks had fans and other celebrities asking if they could pull off the looks from the television show. Well, they decided to find out.

Makeup enthusiasts around the world quickly began to recreate makeup looks from the show.

Inspired by the wave. I decided to recreate a Maddy eyeshadow look as well and can I say, I’m obsessed with how it turned out.

Products Used

• Revolution Pro Regeneration Trends Mischief Mattes palette

• I ♥️ Revolution Dragon’s Heart highlighter.

Don’t forget to watch my one minute tutorial for this eyeshadow here

Caught up in the Euphoria Makeup Mania? Yes? What are some of your favorite Euphoria makeup looks?

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  1. Heard so much about the show but never seen it. All I know is Zendaya is In it lol. This look is so bold and low-key terrifies me because I’m not an eyeshadow girl but I’d love to wear something as bold someday! Love it!!!

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