Spaceman Metallics

When we think metallics, the glamour of 70s and 80s come to mind. So why are we interested in this trend again?

Probably because the return to the 70s & 80s and generally excess when it comes to accessories has spurred on this resurgence

Beyond articles of clothing, the metallics trend extends into accessories, they give that extra oomph to an outfit. 

However, throw on one too many shiny lamé pieces of clothing and you look like a spaceman. Which is the perfect segue into another aspect of the trend; Space age Fashion. 


The spaceman take on the metallics trend has been a major trend since the 60s. In the April 1965 issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Richard Avedon photographed British fashion model Jean Shrimpton wearing an astronaut’s helmet and flight uniform. Space age fashion emulated the simplicity and severity of a space capsule. Space age fashion has also resurfaced along with the metallics trend. 

But rather than put on a hazmat suit, I wanted to translate the spaceman trend with my location while providing a wearable look at the trend. For my look I paired two skirts and a metallic top and silver accessories. 

The location of the shoot had a lot to do with my translating that idea. 

TJ (King and Johnson)and I had gone around looking for a location that would simulate a spaceship but we weren’t able to. And then, almost like kismet, he saw out of the side of his eye the perfect location. To make it appear like I was in outer space, a sand fill was the perfect location. 

The use of accessories was important to me in translating this trend. So I ensured that each accessory had a metallic detail. From my glasses, to my earrings, my purse and even the buckles on my boots, were metallic.

Outfit Details

Black Wrap Skirt- DIY

Silver Pleated Skirt – From my mom’s closet

Metallic top- Also from my mom’s closet 

Boots- Thrifted 

Purse –  Elle

Earrings-  Thrifted 

Glasses- Dubai Flea Market 

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  1. Love how you translated this trend and frankly taught me about a trend I never knew existed. Very informative Vanessa!!!! Great job! Keep the posts coming!!!

  2. This is beautiful. I am gradually trying to Step up on
    basic Vintage & personal style Blogging, and you are just the right inspiration. I love how you write after research, for purpose and with professionalism. I’ll definitely share this !

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