Snakeskin: Welcome to the Jungle

Snakeskin was one of the biggest animal print trends for 2019 after leopard print. It was also my favourite trend. I never was one for animal print but snakeskin just checks all the boxes; luxe, edgy, sexy what ever you like.

A major feature of this trend was its use in accessories, boot, purses etc. I’m obsessed with the thigh high snake skin boots, they just screan effortless sexy.

The best part of snakeskin is that it can be classified as a neutral. the mix of greys or browns with black just means that it can pretty much go with anything. Which means its incredibly versatile.

Snakeskin on the rocks

For my take on the snakeskin trend , I knew I wanted to shoot on the the many rocks in Abuja. This is because I wanted to play with the grey and brown tones of the rock similar to print, almost like camouflage. There is a pretty big hill directly opposite my home and so I had location down.

snakeskin skirt shot in rocks

Styling the outfit posed a few challenges. I had wanted to go the resort route. With a head to toe snakekin slip dress and outer coat in chiffon. However, my sewing machine decided that I woild not be going that route. All I had left were scraps of fabric and so I decided to drape them around me as a skirt.

snakeskin skirt

For some edge I chose to tie a piece of my fabric around my head like a durag. I also wated to play with prints matching and so I paired my snakeskin with a polka dot assymetric jacket.

Snakeskin skirt and scarf

Climbing up the rock was no small feet. I had originally planned to wear a pair of strappy heels with this lokk. However, mainting stability on the rock was of utmost importance and so I took them off.

snakeskin trend report
holding on for dear life

I enjoyed styling and shooting this look. I really loved how it turned out. Can I say a little Alte? I do plan though to finish my slip dress as well as increase the number of snakeskin pieces in my closet.

PS; Here’s your mandatory Vanessa is laughing and talking photo

In the past month I have styled and three trends of Spring/Summer 2019. The Milkmaid/ Prarie trend, The Metallic/Spaceage trend and this one, the Snakeskin trend. Soon, I’ll style all three trends in one outfit, at least I hope so.

Till then, visit the rest of the blog.

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