2019 Trends Redo

A Milkmaid, a Space Traveler and a Snake charmer walk into a bar… I don’t know how the rest goes, but those were some of the biggest trends of 2019. So far on the blog we’ve styled each of those trends and so I thought, would it be overkill to style all those trends in one look? So this post is a trend redo.

Planning this look required subtlety. This is because, I didn’t want to look like I was wearing all the trends even though I was.

So I’ll show you my look and then we’d break it down together.

Striped Pants and floral top

Milkmaid Trend Redo

You can see the milkmaid trend in my floral prairie, square neck top. I love how the neckline is a mixture of the square and sweetheart neckline. The dainty floral print just speaks to the prairie trend. Stealing this top from my mom’s closet was well worth it.

Square neck floral top

Space Age Trend Redo

The Space-age trend, you can find in my balloon pants and metallic purse. As well as in my hair accessories and makeup. I really wanted this trend to be translated with as much subtlety as possible only because it has the greatest tendency to be tacky. So simple clean lines and accessory features do the trick.

Silver hair accessories and makeup

Snakeskin Redo

This trend was one of the biggest animal print trends of 2019. Remember how I said it was basically a neutral and can be paired with anything? The Snakeskin trend in my shoes and also in the purse (see it yet?). Keep snakeskin in your accessories and you can wear it with whatever.

Snakeskin shoe and purse

Why redo?

This is just to show that you can create a wearable look of all the top trends without looking a hot mess. 

Let me know what you think in the comments. Don’t forget to share and go through the rest of the blog.

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