J’aime Paris

Today is my last day in Paris and I cannot be happier with the experiences I had, okay maybe if my stay had been longer.

Travel  cannot be overemphasized, the experiences and memories are with you for a lifetime. Paris is the first stop in my visit to a few European countries and what a first stop. 

The history, the art, the architecture, the blend of new and old in seamless effortlessness and of course, the fashion. 

Paris, is an elegant lady. At least that how I see her, and everything in this city reflects said elegance. Because I was here for such a short period, I had to do the most touristy things possible. So the Eiffel Tower, Arc De Triomphes, the famous Champs De Elysees and the Louvre. 

I didn’t really get a food experience here in Paris mostly because, Okko Hotels spoiled me with amazing breakfast,  snacks throughout the day and aperitifs and wine at dinner. The one food experience I did have was at the Restaurant at the Louvre and the highlight of that meal was the desert, a lemon mirangue tartlet.

I do promise though that for the rest of the trip, I’ll explore more of a food journey.

I will be returning to Paris at the end of my trip to return home. So till then,

 Aurevoir , Paris 

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