3 White Button Down Shirts You Should Own

When in doubt wear white! A white button down shirt is a closet essential that can be elevated and casual at the same time. This closet essential has been translated into many different styles and this post will help narrow the choice down.

Here are 3 white button down shirts you should own.

The Cocoon Sleeve Button Down

Shirt: Lustrin Women, Pants: ASOS Design, Glasses: Gucci

The cocoon or balloon sleeve is a hit for many fashion lovers. An exaggerated sleeve gives that extra bit of ooomph to any piece and added to a white button down shirt? Magic! This shirt is the way to make a statement while still maintaining the quiet elegance of a button down.

The Frilly Button Down

This shirt is your, let’s get down to business shirt. The pleated ruffles along the neckline, cuffs and faux epaulet add a little bit of playfulness to an otherwise serious shirt. Paired with the right blue denim, you have yourself a winning combination.

The Oversized Shirt

Shirt: Burton, Jeans: EVA, Glasses: Unnamed

Uber cool, super chic, super stylish are some of the terms used to describe the oversized button down shirt. Throw it loosely over a pair of dark wash jeans and a fun shoe and you’ve got your self a super chic laidback look. Want to unlock effortless style, the oversized shirt is the key.

Voila! Three fun ways to incorporate an essential into your closet!

Till next time!

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