We’ve been home for a while now and usually this it’s the time of year when my mom and I begin planning a vacation but that’s out the window now. I’ve been getting my fix from travel bloggers. So here’s 5 black female travel bloggers who make me want to travel.

So let’s virtually travel, why don’t we?

Lee Litumbe ( Spirited Pursuit)

Travel blogger Lee Litumbe

I only recently found Lee, on Pinterest and boy oh boy do I love her. She says, the lack of representation of Africa as a travel location is her reason for doing this. In her words : “Africa needs more Africans to tell the world her story”. Lee quit her corporate finance job and moved back to Africa and begun traveling the continent, inspiring!. Lee also has published a few guides to discovering different African countries. My favorite is her Quick Guide to Discovering Gorée Island, Senegal.

Jessica Ufuoma

Jessica Ufuoma Black Travel Blogger

A Nigerian living in Toronto, Canada, Jessica loves adventures and loves to travel. She also has a passion for helping others travel and make the most of their trips. From helping you plan a trip, or organizing uniquely curated group adventures, Jessica is passionate about helping others live a live of travel, texture and boundless experiences. Want to learn how to travel without breaking the bank? Let Jessica Ufuoma teach you how.

Pelumi Nubi (Black Kintsugi)

Black Kintsugi, Black Travel Blogger

Pelumi, is probably one of my favorite black travel bloggers. She shows you the good, bad, ugly and most of all beautiful of traveling alone. She’s dedicated to showing how traveling solo can be safe, easy and most important, doable. Her goal is to travel to every single country in the world and be the youngest black female to do so. Currently she’s on country 61/195. Join Pelumi on her incredible journey.

Shea Powell ( The World Up Closer)

Shea Powell, black travel blogger

Shea Powell is another black female travel blogger who shows that solo travel can be incredibly rewarding. She enjoys finding those hidden away spots, and staying in the finest off beat places. She believes the best way to experience a location is to ask the locals for tips on the best places to go. Shea now travels for a living and has visited 35 countries and boarded 378 flights! Want more tips on how to get the most of your trip? Let Shea tell you.

Ndapanda Haininga

Ndapanda Haininga, black travel blogger

I came across Ndapanda on Twitter, on a thread showing of the best lodges in Namibia, so I found her blog and I was hooked. Ndapanda loves Africa and it’s evident in her photos and from how she speaks and writes about Africa. She also loves a good bottle of Merlot and that makes here even more so my kind of girl.

That’s all folks. I hope you enjoyed traveling virtually with these amazing women, like I have.

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