I had purchased the NYX Born To Glow Naturally Radiant foundation in January and just never got around to using it.  So, I finally decided to use it and do a product review and wear test. 

This isn’t my first NYX foundation. I used the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation which is one of my favorite matte foundations. So when this more glowy foundation was released I was excited to try it. Now, I have oily skin and so I never go for the radiant foundation formula but something about this made me want to purchase it. Let’s get into the review proper. 

NYX Born To Glow Foundation Review

First, we talk price and shipment. So the foundation cost £10.00 which in Naira is N4862.27, so under N5k which is a good price. As to shipping, I purchased mine on ASOS before the COVID-19 restrictions made things more difficult. 

Next we talk, shade range and selection. Ever, since NYX collaborated with Alissa Ashley on the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation, they have an extensive shade range. ASOS doesn’t always have the full range in stock, so it may be best to go on the NYX website to see the full range. As to shade selection online, I simply went with the same shade I had in the Can’t Stop Won’t Stop foundation, which is Deep Cool. Can I just say it is the perfect shade for me. 

The foundation comes in a tube, not one of my favorite packaging for foundations. I guess I just really like a pump that helps you manage how much foundation you’re using. It’s the standard 30ml, even though the tube looks small. It’s a thick consistency but feels very light weight and easy to blend out. This foundation has amazing coverage , especially for a radiant/hydrating foundation. It looked like my skin but better and necessarily as glowy as I thought it’d be.  Below is a video of me trying out the foundation. 

Wear Test!

As someone with combo-oily skin, I gravitate towards more matte foundations and just hydrate my skin underneath. So, I wanted to test how a radiant foundation would wear on my skin. 

I wanted to give this foundation the same treatment I give my regular foundations. For example, I don’t wear a primer under my foundations and so I didn’t with this one. I blended it out with my brush and the coverage was amazing, medium to full coverage.  

So I had this foundation on for 9 hours. From 1:42 to 10:42. Below is when I just completed my makeup. 

Makeup look

At the 5 hour mark, my oils had started to seep in around my T-zone. Now, I realize that this foundation would last a lot longer, if I had an oil controlling primer underneath it. But given that I didn’t, it still looked pretty good. Below is my face at the 5 hour mark. 

NYX foundation wear test, 5 hours later

By the 9th hour, I was completely oily. 

I had a choking fit and so I had shed a few tears which messed up my makeup. Also, I forgot to blot the makeup to show you what it looked like after blotting. But there it is. 

Final Thoughts : 

An affordable, medium to full coverage foundation, great natural, skin like finish. Not oil controlling but that’s to be expected, you can enhance oil control with a primer. Great value for money. 

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