Living on the Fringe

So this title is more than just a tongue in cheek play on my skirt. I am at fringe or edge of something new in my life.

Like many youth corps members in Nigeria, I am also counting down the days until passing out and getting past this phase in my life and the ushering in of a new adventure, a new story to be written. For me and this website, it is the beginning of my journey as a fashion entrepreneur and making my stamp in the blogosphere.

A relative unknown in the blogosphere, it’s a lot to start a new business and be a corps member at the same time; not to take credit from corps members who are running businesses and running blogs. However, that was not a viable option for me.

(I’m sure you see that this is not a fashion post but hope you love it and can relate)

So I took a fashion design and construction course at The Fashion Academy an amazing school in Abuja and loved it (you can follow them on Instagram @thefashionacademyabuja) and realised I didn’t just want to sell clothes I wanted to make clothes I dreamed about.

As I continue to post on this website most of the outfits I would wear, would be made by me and be part of my future capsule collections.

I’m both excited and terrified; excited that I’m finally following my dreams and doing what I love and terrified that my business fails and does horribly but what is an adventure made up of if not fear, excitement and courage.

So yeah…. I’m living on the fringe.   




Outfit Details

Fringe Skirt- Tea and Cup

Peasant top – My grandmother bought it (bend down select) at an open market

Aqua Shoes- Anne Klein iFlex

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    1. My mom got me those sandals and I absolutely love them… and Welcome Daniella it’s good to have you here, and come back again??

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