Borrow Borrow Make Me Fine

It was my last day in Dubai and not because i wanted it to be but because i had to come back home for NYSC final clearance and truthfully all i wanted to do was stay in bed and sulk, especially when i thought of all the awesome ideas i had for blog posts and the locations within the hotel and without… (the hotel’s sun deck, the spice souk etc.) It was frustrating but then towards midday i got myself up and dressed up in pieces that make for the title of this post, except for the sandals, those are mine.

Growing up in Nigeria was fun and growing up with older cousins even more fun especially because i was my mum’s only child, so cousins were extra fun for me and the best thing about having older cousins is getting hand me downs. I know, most people can’t stand hand me downs, however, i’m not one of those people… true, i was selective about which hand me downs i actually wore but i loved and i mean absolutely loved getting fabulous clothes from my cousins and the best were the ones my mum’s sisters had when they were younger and were still in amazing condition… now those were and still are my favourites.

The best is when my mum all of a sudden decides that a top, dress, pair of pants  dont work or look right any more. I jump on all of them so quick and this is so cool because my mum is just a size bigger than me and so it just looks slightly oversized and cool. Its just so unfortunate that i have big feet (another post for another day, but just so you know i wear size 10 shoes) i would do the same with her shoes.

”Borrow borrow make me rich” or ”borrow pose” is a saying for people in Nigeria who show boat in stuff that isn’t even theirs and i titled this post that because the trousers and top ‘used to’ belong to my mum and so yeah… I think i’m rambling too much so here are some pictures.



Outfit Details

My mum’s knit top

My mum’s striped pants

Gafa Sandals

P.S : I had originally paired this look with a scarf but after a couple of pictures i was looking like a fight attendant who rolled out of bed in sandals. Oh and don’t you think the brown wall works really well with the sandals? (Its actually a Starbucks wall)

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  1. I like that you titled your post “borrow borrow make me rich ” it is so authentic, and you. Continue to stay true to your style and vision.

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