Everyday Basics

Before i started blogging full time, i got my dose of well styled outfits from bloggers like Akin Faminu, Cassie Daves,Grace Alex, and so many others. I think its awesome the calibre of bloggers we have in Nigeria whose amazing oufits and stunning and stirring styling ability sometimes makes you a little  jelly.

I  love to style, sometimes, I think I love it more than designing… it even gets in the way of designing for me, because half way into sketching, i’m thinking of what would work with the peice and how that can be translated in pictures.

But as much as i love to style; sometimes its just really comforting to slip into something simple,  not thought out,  no hoopla, just your everyday basics and this post is going to show you what i’m really comfortable in and what constitutes basics at least where my closet is concerned.

So every day basics for me include; a pair of jeans (any kind, as long as they are jeans), a slightly oversized t-shirt (especially because of the Abuja heat, you definitely don’t want any fabric sticking to your skin) and a pair of heels (4 inches and above and sometimes below).

Without further ado; here are some pictures of my everyday basics.

ripped jeans and heels

Pretty little details
Pretty little details

P.S Don’t mind these pictures oh, i was cracking up through out this shoot. But it was so much fun. Oh and forgive my flabby stomach; i just ate Nkwobi at my cousins and sucking bele was not easing oh.

P.P.S: Did you notice the shirt come untucked, well that was my cousin playing at director. She first said, tuck it in and then she goes untuck it i want to see how it looks untucked. It was hilarious and cool to see her get so into being photographer and ‘creative director’.

P.P.P.S: Last one, i promise. My mouth is open because i talk too much, but it was a good picture so its here. Oh and aren’t those glasses the coolest.

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