An Afrohemian’s Day Out

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So i’m back with a look book of sorts and this time i promise not to be chatty, i always say its going to be a short post and then its not. This time however it is going to be a short post and hopefully you guys love it. It features a DIY dress i made just for this post which i’ll share with you. So let’s get into it.

I’ve always loved the handkercheif hem with skirts and dress and this is probably because i felt it looked extremely whimsical with a touch of edge, maybe i’m just spouting words here but i’ve always loved them and so i decided to figure out how to make one and when i did, it was amazing. Here are pictures of me in the one i made and then i’ll go into explaining how to make them.

So here goes… to make a handkerchief hem or scarf dress you will need

  • Three or Four 35 inch square scarfs or square fabric of choice
  • Strap Fabric of choice
  • A Sewing Machine or you can sew by hand if you’re proficient at it

How to make it

Here’s an illustration of how to make one
  • Join/sew two of the scarves down the middle, leaving enough space for your neck, depth of the v-neck is dependent on you.
  • If you’re using four scarves like in the image you repeat the same step above
  • Join the scarves at the sides
  • Attach the straps

If you are using three scarves

  • Join two of the scarves down the middle
  • Place the third scarf diagonally, with point facing upward
  • Join the sides of the scarves
  • and attach the straps.

Hope that was easy to understand. If you are going to try this i would love to see it, tag me in any pictures if you wearing one you made and if you have any questions you can ask me.

You can wear it belted, like i did in the first picture or go without, you can throw on a biker jacket and immediately make it even cooler.

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