Hafymo Inspired Looks

Hi guys,

In my last post I told you guys about my favorite Nigerian fashion and lifestyle blogger babes and about how they inspire me. Well I decided to shoot two looks inspired by one of them; Hafsah Mohammed or as she is more popularly known Hafymo.

Like I mentioned in my last post Hafsah is a style blogger and YouTuber who has impeccable style and takes modest fashion up a notch . I decided to shoot two looks and I’ll tell you why but first pictures.

I decided to shoot this more formal look because i was inspired by the clothes Hafsah designs in the Ellora Collection her modern modest clothing line which are  extremely beautiful, I’m thinking of purchasing one or two of their co-ord sets.

I paired this pair of wide leg pants with a black peplum top with ruffle details ( i adore how these ruffles were placed in the top) which belongs to my mother.

The second look however, is quite different. I styled a modest casual chic look, something i would were while going out to run errands or to lunch with my friends.

I paired this dress with a pair of asymmetrical hem jeans. Dresses on skirts and on pants just make me happy and they’re extremely modest.

Outfit Details

Black Peplum – DreSco UK (its my mummy’s own)

Wide leg pants- (The tag is gone, so I don’t know)

Shoes- New Look

Black Bag- My Cousins’ (borrow borrow make me fine)

Blue Dress – thrifted 200 naira

Blue Jeans – thrifted 2000 naira

Grey Shoes- New Look

Grey Bag- thrifted 4000 naira

P.S my hair was tied up because i was having a bad hair day and it made sense with both looks.

There it is guys, let me know what you think about both looks, would you see Hafymo in any of these looks or something similar.

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  1. I absolutely love the looks! Style is about evolving what’s already there and being versatile and you do that wonderfully!

  2. No 2 has gotta be my fave because Denim and I totally see Hafsah wearing these outfits. Borrow borrow is the way at times ooo 😉 😉

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