Preppy Athleisure?

Hello, hello, hello

Yes, there’s a question mark in the title of this post, no it wasn’t a mistake, no i’m not being tongue in cheek. I just don’t know what to call this look. I am open to suggestions in the comment section.

Athleisure was a major trend of 2017 and the track suit pant became a cult favourite in the fashion scene. From tuxedos and pant suits with the stripe down the leg, to really laid back track  suit with a floral or preppy top or just a hoodie.

Every one who loved fashion was wearing them. They not only made appearances on runways but also in luxury stores and in high street stores.

For people like me who are broke, thrifting a track suit pant just seemed like the only logical option and so I thrifted one. The only problem was styling it for the blog, and not looking like everybody else who had worn it.

I finally settled on styling it with a shirt that I thrifted and refashioned with a pair of shoes from Primark.  It turned out looking preppy, yet slightly sexy, with a hint of athleisure from the track suit pant (now do you see why I am confused as to what to call this look).

How To

In order to effectively add athleisure into your  closet buy one piece of clothing that is sportswear inspires, a jacket, or a track pant like everyone else did. Pair that piece with something else from your closet that you already love and know well. For example pair your favorite sun dress with your sportswear inspired jacket and a pair of sneakers and you’ve mastered the trend.

This shoot was basically me turning up and dancing to Drake’s Views , hence the awkward pictures.  I think they are pretty cool. I promise you my cousin tried to get me to stop, but I was feeling myself a bit too much.

My shirt was refashioned from an oversize mens shirt that I thrifted. Do you want to do it as well?  visit BlueprintDIY on YouTube. The pants were thrifted for 600 Naira from Gatankowa market in Lagos. The shoes as mentioned earlier are from Primark.

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  1. Love, love, love. Shouts to your Cuz though! We’ll take the blog title like that plus I really love your environment. The brick walls and all soooo Abroad-ish ????

    1. Thanks lovey, the environment is my cousins estate oh. I have to journey to hers but it’s well worth it.

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