Skincare Update & Product Review

I remember having the best skin when I was younger and then puberty changed it all.  As I grow older skincare becomes more and more important to me. For the longest time I used to do the barest minimum. However, as 2018 began, I made a promise to make a conscious effort.

With that in mind, I made two purchases that will help me out with that. I bought a makeup removing wash and a day and night facial wash. So I had read that washing your face with the same soap you use to bathe isn’t good for your face. That prompted the purchasing of these washes/scrubs.

After a month of using these products, I decided to give you a full review. This is because, I wanted this review to be more than a first impression. These skincare products are the Neutrogena Deep Clean Invigorating Makeup Removing Creamy Wash and the Clearasil Daily Clear Hydra Blast Facial Scrub.

Clearasil and Neutrogena Skincare products

Neutrogena Deep Clean; this makeup removing wash claims to gently cleanse and remove makeup for fresh and invigorated skin.  Does this product do as it claims? Yes.  It is not as harsh as a regular soap. Also it really digs into my pores to take out all the makeup.

Clearasil Daily Clear; this claims to gently exfoliate. To help keep skin clear of breakouts all day every day. Does it do as it claims? Yes, yes it does. It certainly feels like it does. A plus is the fact that it does not over dry the skin.

Skin Care Product Ingredient Review

For this review, I want to go into the ingredients in these products. These ingredients tell you why these products are great for your skin. So I guess its more an ingredient review. A plus is that neither products contain any Parabens. Another plus is that these products share similar ingredients which means to me that you can use them together. First I’ll discuss the ingredients that both washes have.

Glycerin, this is an organic compound more known as glycerol and is used for both cosmetics purposes and skincare treatments. Glycerin can be used to treat acne, fine line and wrinkles. An important fact about glycerin is that it attracts moisture onto your skin. Humectants in glycerin attract water from the air and helps retain that moisture in your skin. Who doesn’t love moisture. Moisture for an oily girl like me means that my skin doesn’t need to produce more oil than needed. More moisture means that less oily skin, which means less acne and pimples. A win win in my book.

Next is Salicylic Acid, this is a keratolytic agent which is used to help clear skin and prevent pimples and blemishes. The final ingredient they share in common is Citric Acid. Citric aid can be found in all citrus fruits. When you consume citrus fruits you consume organic citric acids. Your body also produces its own supply of citric acid to help with skin problems like hyper pigmentation and dark spots.

Key Ingredients

On to the stand out ingredients that individually these products have. A stand out ingredient that the Neutrogena Deep Clean has is Bentonite. Bentonite is an absorbent clay. It helps remove toxins from your pores, allows skin to heal. It reduces inflammation and lightens acne scars on your skin. Raw bentonite clay is used to make facial masks. In the Deep Clean it helps dig into the pores to remove makeup.

The Clearasil Daily Clean has two stand out ingredients. Which are; Aloe Barbadenois Leaf juice basically Aloe Vera and Cucumus Sativus fruit extract basically Cucumber fruit extract.

The Aloe Vera is extracted from the Aloe plant and is the OG of skin care. Your grandma and her mother before her used Aloe Vera in their skincare regime. Why? This is because Aloe Vera soothes the skin and is anti inflammatory.

Cucumber fruit extract can repair dry and damaged skin. It gives a softer and smoother appearance, it contains Vitamin K which improves skin elasticity. More importantly the PH value of the cucumber is identical to that of the human skin. What this means is that the Clearasil Daily Clear is gentle on skin and can be used both day and night and not be harmful.


It is here that I include a picture of my skin after a month of use, without makeup on of course.

I am pleased to say that the hyper pigmentation around my mouth has reduced greatly. I didn’t have a lot of acne scars to start with but the few I had cleared out. My skin is certainly producing less oil, which means that my make up last longer, even without a primer. I have a more even tone.  I will keep using these products and will keep you updated on my Instagram.

If you have tried any of these products and had a different result, let me know in the comments. I’d love to hear your thoughts. If you plan on purchasing them, do let me know when you do and how it works out for you on my social media.

P.S: The Neutrogena Deep Clean cost me N800 and the Clearasil Daily Clear cost me N2100.

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