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How To Make Shimmer Eyeshadows Look Neat

Shimmer  shadows, love them, despise them, can’t use them… I never was an eye shadow girl, never was a makeup girl until YouTube. With YouTube came a love for eye shadows, so I practiced and practiced. Now I can safely say that I have become pretty good with eye shadow. I have gotten a certain question frequently on my beauty posts on social media. How do you make your shimmer…


Ankara Inspired Makeup Look

Hello hello . It’s a whole new week, excited? Well i know i am . During my short break from the blog I thought a lot about how to fully flesh up the blog. I knew that the beauty category of this blog was lacking in content. It is my job to create content for each category on this blog . I then came to the resolution that I had…


Everyday Glam Makeup Tutorial

Hi guys. Trying to keep to this schedule is hard but its worth it. This week on the blog is going to be a good week an even better week. It’s the start of a new month and so I decided to something new. I keep saying I’m a beauty blogger but the beauty category of the blog is a little empty and that’s about to change and so we’re…