ANKARA – Jennifer Amani inspired

Hi guys, so it’s Wednesday and that means another outfit post on the blog. If you notice from the post title of this post and Monday’s post you’ll see its Ankara Week here on the blog.

So i figured if I was doing an Ankara outfit post I’d give a shoutout to Jennifer Amani the queen of Ankara fashion. If you remember my Fave Naija blogger babes post (which you can find here) Jennifer was in that list and her style just makes me happy and so proud. Ankara is African, its Nigerian and no one has ever made Ankara look as good as Jennifer does. This post and look  is inspired by her love for ankara.

This look came about from all the things that i love; hand me downs and DIYs . The dress I’m wearing was given to me by a friend who got this dress when she was 19 years old quite a few years back and she’s a mom now and it doesn’t fit quite as well as it used to, so little old me was there to rescue it.

The DIY portion of this look were the sleeves. In a bid to take this look from a basic Ankara tube dress. I made the sleeves with some chiffon fabric i had laying around the house. I think it adds a nice touch. What do you think? Let me know in the comments.

So there it is my Ankara Jennifer Amani inspired look, would you see Jennifer is something similar, let me know your thoughts in the comment section, or on my social media Twitter and Instagram: @vanessa_ohaha


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  1. The style is definitely something Jennifer would rock perhaps in a more colorful Ankara fabric. Nice DIY BTW!

    1. Thanks girl. I know what you mean about the more colorful Ankara, I’m just a bit more toned down which is why i like it so much

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