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Hi guys!!!!

I’m back. I took a four week leave of absence from the blog, to get my self together and breathe some air. I won’t go into details but i was beginning to crack under the pressure and i needed this break. But I’m back and i’m better (ish).

This is the the second part of the Fave Nigerian blogger series and it’s all about the blogger babes. This is a list of my favorite Nigerian blogger babes. Lets get into the list guys .

Grace Alex …. Gafa Fashion


Grace Alex is one of Abuja’s top fashion and lifestyle bloggers and business owners. She is an incredible woman with an amazing sense of self and of style. She runs an amazing footwear store that is easily recognizable by true followers. Grace’s style is very vintage and she carries it with such grace ( pun not intended). In my opinion she is the queen of the monotone look, when Grace wears one color she wears one color incredibly well.


Sarah Audu ….. Princess Audu 

Sarah Audu is also an Abuja fashion and lifestyle blogger who has been in the game for a while now. Her series Sarah Speaks is an insightful yet tastefully written peek into Sarah’s thoughts. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting her on different occasions and she is an incredible person. Her style is modest yet incredibly stylish. She is also an entrepreneur which endears me to her even more.


Thelma    …. Indiana Rose

Thelma is also an Abuja fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger. Yes The Capital has got game!   Thelma prides herself on being a reccessionista; Dictionary meaning: A fashionista who slays in a recession and so she styles affordable yet incredibly beautiful outfits. She is an entrepreneur who created her line of sunglasses which are amazing by the way … yes I’m plugging her hustle. I adore her online presence and consistency with her blog and social media. I can go on and on and on.


Demi Akin   …   High Street Mania

Demi is an Abuja fashion, beauty and lifestyle blogger who just relocated back home after being away at school. Demi is a self proclaimed lover of high street stores because of the price and so she shops at stores that stock the basic essentials and then she DIYs and tweaks them to make them look high end. I love a girl that loves a good bargain and that’s Demi. Demi is also on the TBP team which i think is amazing. She’s and intelligent, extremely stylish woman.


Ifeoma Amadi …. WhoWhatFab

Ifeoma Amadi has proven to be the reigning queen of the thrift, her series Tales From the Thrift give me major thrift envy, the pieces that she finds and the way she styles them for a high end, editorial look that are usually so sexy. She’s so comfortable in her skin it’s incredible. WhoWhatFab is the diary for all thrift enthusiasts.

Cassie Daves

Cassie Daves is a personal style and lifestyle blogger , a medical doctor and a creative entrepreneur ; she created the anazing blogger tool the Cassie Daves Blog Planner. Cassie is Adulting pretty well and documenting her journey in adulthood on her blog, her Housemanship journey, her style journey all of it on the blog. Her aim is to help her readers discover their best self and best style.


Hafsah Mohammed  …..

Hafsah is a style blogger and YouTuber and creator of the Elora Collection. She has amazing style and she makes modest fashion look like a dream. Her clothing line is an extension of get amazing sense of style. She embraces every edge of fashion; high end, high street, casual, sporty chic, you name it.


Jennifer Amani ….

Jennifer Amani is a fashion and lifestyle blogger and her blog is the documentation of her life as a Christian girl and of her personal style. Jennifer’s love for Ankara is what drew me to her blog and what kept me. Her consistency is enviable. Not a week goes bye that Jennifer doesn’t post and it incredibly inspiring.


So there it is, my fave naija blogger babes. These girls inspire me to do better.


P.S all pictures were sourced from their blogs.

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