Double Gingham (2017 Recap)

Hello, hello, hello!

This is an outfit post and it features my two favorite trends of 2017; Gingham and Rafia bags.

Gingham for me will remain a classic and a staple in my closet. Prior to 2017, Gingham was picnic/table cloth fabric but Fashion took the print and make it all levels of sexy. This look also features a piece from my closet that was featured in the first post of 2017 here.

Lets head into the pictures then we’ll talk about 2017, disappointments, wins, loses, all of that stuff.

I styled my Gingham shorts with a Gingham tie top, channeling a vacation on a sunny island somewhere. Simulating a vacation in this banana farm near my home put me in that frame of mind. The top was a diy tie top made from left over fabric from the jumpsuit I made for my Gingham post here.


Here’s a tip on how to mix patterns and prints. Mix larger prints with smaller ones. Take the picture above, the Gingham print on my shorts are larger than the print on my top. So it’s easier on the eyes.

As 2017 comes to an end, I look back at the growth that the blog has made since the first post in January and I’m thankful for every small win and every loss. Talks with brands that didn’t work out, talks with brands that are ongoing. Growing engagement, Struggling with consistency and content creation. Attending a Fashion Journalism course at the London College of Fashion.

I’m at a point where all I want for 2018 is joy, I truly want to live my  best life possible. Find and make joy in the little things.

This is the last post of 2017, however I will be active on social media @vanessa_ohaha on both Instagram and Twitter, so let’s connect on there.

In the comments section let’s talk about your 2017 amd your hopes for 2018.

17 Replies to “Double Gingham (2017 Recap)”

  1. Wow! I love this concept .
    2017 was a good year ,I thank God things I thought was impossible because possible with Jesus.

  2. Marry me already Venessa ? ? ? you look like a goddess and that location is peng!
    Thanks for the tips, definitely trying them out in the new year.

  3. Omg ! I love how you mixed these prints. They’re so pleasing to look at. This look is everything ! x
    In 2018 I hope to be a better human and trust my process 🙂

  4. Gingham is such a beautiful pattern. Love how you gave it a vacation twist. I can imagine you in one of the beaches in Mykonos radiating in all your glory.

    1. Thanks so much Collins. Mykonos is a vacation goal. I hope that when I do make it to Mykonos I will radiate.

  5. Whichever color this gingham fabric comes, it’s usually still beautiful. I’m used to seeing the red print of this fabric. And you styled it beautifully. I think it has to do with your body frame too, because the blouse and shorts couldn’t lay better than it did on your skin.
    Cheers to a good 2017!

    Idle head

  6. Babes this is amazing. Location, outfit, hair, everything ??
    This year (like every year) had its good, bad and ugly but we don’t give up yeah?
    Let’s pray that your heart’s desires are granted and you find the joy you truly seek.
    This is my second best style post so far. Love, love, love ?

  7. I love this, my 2017 has been tough….Dealt with inconsistencies on the blog, not having the right contents and of course poor picture quality….but I hope to do all I can to make blogging more joyful for me 2018

    1. Thanks love. I struggled with inconsistency as well as feelings of inadequacy but I believe that we are made stronger through our experiences.

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