LFWNG Not so FROW 2: Gozel Green+ Style Temple

My runway analysis on LFWNG continues. You can read my first runway report here. The schedule for LFWNG  Day 2 of runway shows was sprinkled through with a few unknown and household name designers. 

One of the newer/unknown designers was Gozel Green. Gozel Green had one of the most successful leisure wear collections shown at LFWNG. Dressy athliesure and urban street wear chic were attempted but not quite executed like Gozel Green did. 

The top stitching on the garments were sharp. The balance of STRUCTURE + MOVEMENT was exquisite. The use of crocs which are making a comeback, was evidence of an elevated yet cheeky taste level. Most important was the cohesiveness of the collection. 


Style Temple is fast becoming a household name in the fashion industry. The SS19 collection only cemented that status. The collection featured clean lines, asymmetry, drapery and movement.


RESTRAINT; OG Okonkwo showed clear restraint because in the hands of another, the details would be too much. The satin covered buttons, asymmetry, draping etc. OG’s restraint resulted in it looking minimalist and sharp.


Fabrication also played a huge role in the total look of this collection. Satin belts and buttons, soft silks and cottons. The color palette, of whites and muted pastels was incredibly refreshing. 

What do you love about both Gozel Green and Style Temple’s SS19 collections? Let me know in the comments.


Style Temple. Images sourced from Bella Naija

Gozel Green. Images sourced from BLANCK Digital

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