LFWNG Not So FROW 1: LSP+ Anyango Mpinga

Day 2 of LFWNG 2018 also known as Day 1 of the runway shows, picture this… scowls, murmurs, guests walking out. A lot of the guests and members of press were not expecting a lot. Seeing as the runway shows began 5 HOURS AFTER THE SCHEDULED TIME!. 

However, a dark horse appeared on the runway to take that away. Lagos Space programme a new fashion brand on the runway. LSP is aimed at the return to durable, long lasting clothing and artisanal sensibilities that are sustainable.


LSP’s AWO WORKWEAR was one of the most cohesive collections of LFWNG. Androgyny was a major feature of this collection as well as clean lines. Layers that would usually be bulky did the opposite. The layers provided movement.

My eyes and ears are on the ground for Lagos Space Programme.

The goal of any runway show is to tell a story that inspires, not just the designer but the viewer/buyer. Anyango Mpinga’s runway show featured a vintage resort storyboard that was indeed inspiring.


The vintage story was told not only in the design but in various means. The silhouette; drop waists and sheaths. The styling; using picturebox hats. The fabric, newspaper prints and laser cut white cotton. Every element made for an incredibly visually appealing show.

Lagos Fashion Week was off to a great start. Day 2 of LFWNG holds much promise. 


LSP images sourced from BLANCK Digital 

Anyango Mpinga images sourced from Style Vitae.

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