Mini Shoe Collection

Hi guys !

So let’s get right into today’s post. One of the nain reasons I started this blog was to document my style journey as I discover what my personal style is and hopefully help you discover yours as well.

A major part of that journey is building a closet filled with pieces that I love and are unapologetically me. I feel like I’m beginning to do so.

So I decided to share with you four amazing pieces in my closet that I’m extremely proud of and discuss why I love them so much with you and yeah they’re shoes. I’m trying to build an extremely diverse and versatile shoe collection and these four are a great start.

First thing you’d notice is that I adore a pointed front for my shoes and I’ll explain why. I wear  UK 8, US 10 and EU 42 size shoes and so I have big feet, what shoes with a pointy front do for me is make my feet look smaller and a lot more dainty which I adore. So with shoes I am immediately drawn to shoes with a pointy front.

So let’s talk about each shoe individually.


I adore the Public Desire brand, their shoes just make me happy, This shoe is called the ‘Una’ and I was drawn to the laser cut outs in the shoes and that just made me buy it. I adore   a good nude shoe but if my shoes don’t have amazing little details then I just might not purchase it, so the cut outs sold me on these shoes . They are about 4 inches high, which is the highest I’m will to go these days, its high enough to accentuate the arch if my feet plus I adore the straps which just make it even sexier.


From the front these shoes look like a basic grey shoe and then the heel pops out and you see that gold bar that looks like money. Again this detail sold me on this shoe. New Look does the heel detail so well with their shoes and this one is one of my favorites, I almost purchased it in black but then I figured i had enough black shoes so I got these grey ones instead.


Okay, these babies are one of my faves. I got this shoe with a bit of apprehension just because they were off white and I didn’t have white in my closet at all but I went out on a limb because of the lace inserts, which are so beautiful and now I can’t imagine my closet without them. If you haven’t gotten on the asos shoe train, get on it now.


Okay, so you know I had to throw in a boot because boots are my favorite kind of shoes. These anke boots are my favorites. It’s a plain suede brown boot with a block heel but what sold me on them is that gold cap on the front. The fact that its  slightly pointy but with a curve just makes it even more beautiful.

So there you have it, my current favorite shoes on my closet. I can’t wait to add more unique yet simple pieces to my closet. Let me know what you think in the comments section.


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  1. Lovely collection you’ve got. Neutrals and warm tones are equally my go-to when it comes to footwear. Although, I’m slowly embracing colour plus my favorite is the one from New Look because it has this Retro Vibe to it.

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