Vacation/Resort Fashion For Less.

It appears that everyone and their grandma is either on vacation or planning one and it is giving me the jellies. Yes, I said it, I’m jealous and honestly I don’t think I’m prepared for the onslaught of FOMO I’m about to have. Especially with the vacation/ resort fashion. 

All this got me thinking about the fact that I went on vacation a couple of months back and I haven’t even shared my vacay slay with you guys, So,  I decided to take my thoughts off of FOMO and to showing you how to slay resort fashion for less. 

How to Slay Vacation/ Resort Fashion for Less

My number 1 advice is THRIFT, THRIFT and more THRIFT. I know at this point you must be tired of me telling you to thrift. Thrifted clothes aren’t for everyone and that’s fine. I just am an advocate for slaying on a budget. I think it has to do with the fact that I’m on a budget and perpetually broke. 

Make your own clothes, or at least have them made if you can’t sew. If you’re going somewhere hot, chances are you will need airy clothes. Linen is in and can be easily found in NIgerian fabric markets. So, grab yourselves a couple, yards of linen and breathable cotton, some silk and make yourself some awesome outfits. 

This is the part of the post where I show you pictures of my awesomeness, lol; 

My dress was thrifted for N200 and I paired it a white elastic off shoulder cotton top that I made by myself. For pops of color my ankara scarf and yellow shoes. I feel like fashion doesn’t have to be expensive to be ‘fashion’. 

vacation fashion

I do hope that this post will help you make good choices for when you go on vacation, so you don’t break the bank. 

To slay vacation/resort fashion for less, remember to; Thrift and make your clothes or have them made and just enjoy dressing up. 

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