Okrika Chronicles : Jewelry Editorial

The Okrika Chronicles are tales from my thrift experiences. In this chronicle we discuss okrika (thrift) jewelry.

I rarely wear jewelry and so making the transition from a full head of hair with which I could get away with no jewelry to a being a bald queen who had to double up on the accessories was hard. However, thrifting came through for me, as always.

When I found a pile of different pieces of jewelry, it was sort of hard to sift through the noise and focus on pieces that I knew would suit me. But, not only that, pieces that were wearable. A knowledge of my style identity played a huge role in the selection process and so I chose pieces that varied from everyday to statement jewelry. I also went for minimalist while still making a powerful statement.

Okrika Jewelry – Everyday Elegance

Black Triangle Pull Through Earring
Pull Through

I had always wanted a pull through earring, because for some weird reason in my head they always seemed like the peak of minimalism. Anyways, I found this black triangle pull through earring. I absolutely adore the simplicity of the piece and of course how lightweight it is.

Wooden Gems

Wooden jewelry always spoke to me, it just reminds me of African craftsmen/women and so when I found this wooden triangle with a gold plate on it, I was ecstatic.

Pearl string thrifted earring

Is it just me or have pearls always given a feel/look of wealth and class and elegance? That’s a lot of ands but, you know what I mean. Throw on string of pearls and it just reads class. Well, when I found this pearl earring with a gold string in the pile, I fell in love.

Okrika Jewelry – Minimalist Statements

Okrika(thrift) jewelry - Spiral silver earring
Silver Statement

There’s a a story with this earring!!! So i had found one earring and boy, was I obsessed! It was right up my alley, minimalist yet powerful. So, the search began for the second one and I searched and searched and then I found a smaller version of this same earring. So I said, I’ll keep looking but if I don’t find the second ear of this earring, I’d pair it with one of the smaller version. Then fortune smiled on me and I found the second pair. I think it was worth all the trouble.

Bronze Half moon okrika jewelry
Bronze Statement.

Certain pieces, be it clothing, shoes, jewelry etc have character. They look and feel like they have lived and if they could speak have stories to tell. That’s how this bronze almost faded half moon earring felt to me. Like it had stories to tell. I absolutely adore the amount of character it would add to any outfit its paired with.

An Okrika Chronicle of Okrika Jewelry. Thrifting jewelry can be so much fun. Okay scratch that thrifting anything can be so much fun. I can’t wait to share my next thrift chronicle with you.

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