Scotch in Spring- Plaid Redo

Have I mentioned how much I love plaid. Scratch that, I love all things Scot. The fashion industry has in recent years developed an obsession with the fabric. From avant garde interpretations to street wear. Plaid is everywhere. You can read my report on plaid as a trend here.

This month of May, I will be restyling the Spring/Summer trends I reported on this year.This post is a restyling of plaid. You can see my original styling of plaid here.

Styling Plaid for Spring

Its hilarious because this is a re-restyling. About a week ago, I had shot a look for this post but I really just felt heavy and bulky and weighed down by the outfit and so I decided to scrap the pictures and shoot a different look entirely.

This time I went for a more slouchy, laid back feel and I felt uber cool which showed through in the pictures.

The star of this look is something authentically Scottish, I cannot believe I have it. It’s a KILT. The fact that I found an honest to God kilt while thrifting, is amazing. I purchased the kilt at the same  I purchased the plaid skirt which I   upcyled for the heritage post.

This kilt was purchased for N300 and is thick and very good quality. I paired this kilt with something else I thrifted. A cropped sweatshirt which I bought for N200. As well as a thrifted bag for N500. Minus the shoes and glasses my head to toe look cost me N1000.

Now on the the actual styling of the look. To achieve the slouchy effect I wanted I placed  the kilt low on my waist. To throw off the overall slouchyv look I wore a pair of white court heels. That elevated it and me a bit.

Slouchy Plaid

There it is my re-re styling of plaid. However there are so many cool images from this shoot so i’m going to show restraint by only adding two more. Eek!!!

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  1. I actually fell in awe for this outfit when I saw it on your IG and an actual kilt?! Talk about cultural integration. Love it

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