Plastic Fashion- A Trend Report

Plastic fashion began trending in 2017, but 2018 took it to a whole other level. This is because as a fabric, plastic is durable. It can also be recycled for when you no longer want it. Plastic was all over the runways at the Spring 2018 presentations.

This post will do two things; One, establish plastic as a trend. By looking at it on the runway, in streetstyle and in stores. Two will give tips on how to wear plastic.

Plastic Fashion on the Runway

The Spring/Summer presentations for 2018 featured a number of trends. A few of them have been discussed on this blog. Pastels, Plaid, Bold colors, Pink and Red and now Plastic. At the forefront of this was Chanel.

Chanel Plastic Fashion

Every look that walked down the Chanel Runway featured plastic boot and accessories.


Valentino Plastic Fashion
KENZO Plastic Fashion

Plastic Street Style

Fashion lovers around the world did not hesitate to wear the plastic trend. Especially, at fashion weeks around the world.

Australian Fashion Week

At the Australian fashion week, a chic Celine plastic bag is the star attraction.

Paris Fashion Week
Paris Fashion Week

These two Paris Fashion Week attendees seem to have gotten the plastic coat memo.

Plastic Fashion In Store

Want a piece of the trend? Try the plastic trend by shopping these affordable pieces.

Dip your toe into the trend by getting this ASOS clear plastic hip and waist belt. Which sells for £14 pounds which is N6711.

Style your own version of the Paris Street style look using this lightweight raincoat from ASOS.

This plastic fanny pack is the perfect accessory for summer. Shop here. 

How to Wear Plastic.

If you think I am going to tell you to wear plastic head to toe, then you’re  right  wrong. Except I want you to cook in your own juices. If you notice from the street wear images from Paris both garments were worn while it was raining. This is because plastic does not breathe and so it’s incredibly hot. For us who live in temperate regions it would be ill advised to wear plastic when it isn’t raining.

  • Pick your battle wisely. If you’re wearing a plastic coat wear it when it rains. Hey! it’s not just fashion it’s practical.
  • Choose Accessories. It could be in a shoe, or a bag or even a visor for when you’re at the pool.

There it is guys! Plastic fashion is here for summer.


Chanel, Valentino and Kenzo Sprin 2018 Ready to Wear. Photgraphed by Yannis Viamos/Indigital. Sourced from Vogue Runway

Australian Fashion Week Street Style. Photographed by Dan Roberts. Sourced from Vogue Runway

Paris Fashion Week. Photographed by Phil Oh. Sourced from Vogue Runway.

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