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So this post is not going to be a well written story about my life and trust me I wish it was but it isn’t. It is just a look based on a style that I absolutely love and have been excited to do for a while. So as you can see from the pictures this is a grunge look.

Grunge is a style based around grunge music scene, it is comfortable, dirty and heavily steeped in flannel. Grunge texture would most probably be rust, unfinished wood, rail tracks etc.

Grunge fashion would include ripped jeans, mom jeans, Doc Martens, Combat boots, band t-shirts, drop skirts, birkenstocks and eco-friendly clothing and I could go on and on because that’s how much I love grunge fashion.

So I decided to do a grunge inspired shoot and at first I wanted to style two outfits but I narrowed it to one so…


I laugh alot
I laugh alot

Outfit Details

Boyfriend Jeans: (Self ripped old jeans of mine)

White Boys Singlet: (Also pretty old… and this is because I don’t have a band t-shirt, so any one who’s got my back, a band t-shirt would be a pretty cool gift)

Flannel Shirt: Nautica

Boots: Shiekh Shoes and yes I know its spelt wrong but that’s the way it is you can check it out.

So I if you’ve never been introduced to grunge, I hope I did a good job introducing you to it. It’s pretty comfy so if you’re as laidback as I can be sometimes you would love grunge.

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