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Urban Grunge

Yo! What’s good? So its an Outfit Post if you haven’t guessed, and i’m really excited about this one because it features two items that I thrifted and so I feel so proud about it. If you were here when i first started blogging on this URL the grunge post was one of my faves to shoot and post because I love grunge, everything about the grunge era speaks to…

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Utilitarian Chic

OXFORD AMERICAN WRITER’S THESAURUS: “utilitarian” adjective she traded in her sporty little coupe for a utilitarian station wagon practical, functional, pragmatic, useful, sensible, efficient, utility, workaday, no-frills; plain, unadorned, undecorative.   So, practical, functional, useful, plain and unadorned… I guess I can make this work. I’m not one for frills and fru fru; no I’m not minimalist in the full sense of the word, I guess I’m a bohemian with a minimalist edge (if that makes any sense) So back to utilitarian chic … I…

Personal Style


Follow my blog with Bloglovin So this post is not going to be a well written story about my life and trust me I wish it was but it isn’t. It is just a look based on a style that I absolutely love and have been excited to do for a while. So as you can see from the pictures this is a grunge look. Grunge is a style based…