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Utilitarian Chic

OXFORD AMERICAN WRITER’S THESAURUS: “utilitarian” adjective she traded in her sporty little coupe for a utilitarian station wagon practical, functional, pragmatic, useful, sensible, efficient, utility, workaday, no-frills; plain, unadorned, undecorative.   So, practical, functional, useful, plain and unadorned… I guess I can make this work. I’m not one for frills and fru fru; no I’m not minimalist in the full sense of the word, I guess I’m a bohemian with a minimalist edge (if that makes any sense) So back to utilitarian chic … I…

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Slip Dresses for Autumn

  Hi, its a style post again… This shoot was really fun and its because i’m on vacation in the UAE and even though its fall everywhere else its still really warm here in Abu Dhabi so this style post really works. Slip dresses were the it outfit for summer and they were everywhere and a lot of bloggers have been doing the how to wear slip dresses for autumn…