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Style is an important part of human culture. It is however, incredibly difficult to narrow down one’s style. The general consensus though, is style that is timeless and remains fresh no matter the era.  One of the most timeless items in fashion is denim and the most timeless color is white. As a pair denim and white transcends era and age. Denim and white is classy and timeless.  This post…

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Steven Onoja Inspired look

Hi guys, Two days ago i did a post on my favorite naija fashion and lifestyle blogger boys and in line with that post i was inspired to do a look inspired by one of them. I’m sure from the last post you could tell how much I love Steven Onoja and so this look is inspired (not an exact look, i mean it has to look like me) by…

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Sporty Chic

So today is my last day on Yas Island, Abu Dhabi and soon i’ll be in Dubai and i thought to do a post with Yas Plaza Hotels as the backdrop. A few days ago, a friend asked how we would describe her style in two words and Androgynous Chic came up. Honestly i relate to androgyny because as much as i love a good pair of heels and a…