Urban Grunge

Yo! What’s good?

So its an Outfit Post if you haven’t guessed, and i’m really excited about this one because it features two items that I thrifted and so I feel so proud about it.

If you were here when i first started blogging on this URL the grunge post was one of my faves to shoot and post because I love grunge, everything about the grunge era speaks to me and anything that gives me an excuse to wear flannel, denim and boots is alright with me.

This time I decided to do a different variation of the grunge look and take it a bit urban, recently denim button down dresses have come back on the fashion scene with full force and i’m all for it, because not only is it urban its extremely retro which you know by now is my jam. What I do regret though is still not having a pair of Doc Martens which I do hope to remedy soon, however I styled this denim button down dress with a pair of chunky heeled boots which are also trending right now and these boots were thrifted as well.

To finish up the look I added something that i absolutely adore which is an oversize flannel button down shirt, I could wear flannel and denim for the rest of my life and  not be bothered . Okay , my fingers are itching to add pictures to this post so i’m just going to do it any way. Let me just add that this look was laid back sprinkled with a bit of drama which I think is ideally grunge? NOW PICTURES !!!


So there you have it, I think I look uber cool and chic let me know what you think in the comments section.

Outfit Details

Denim Dress – Thrift N200

Flannel – My mommy bought it.

Shoes – Thrift N1900

2 Replies to “Urban Grunge”

    1. Thanks Deola, and yes the denim dress will make an appearance in my everyday wardrobe without the flannel.

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