Nigerian ‘Summer’ Checklist

Summer is in quotes because even though it’s summer around the world its rainy season in Nigeria. I live in Abuja, and as much as it is the rainy season, we have a few really hot days. It can be really hard to dress for the weather because there are unexpected changes. One minute the sun is shining really bright and the next minute, the clouds come out.

Here is a checklist of what you need to get you through the rainy season in style.



  • Quick dry Pants : A major part of dressing for the rainy season is to wear fabric that dries quickly. A nice quality cotton polyester should be great. So a nice pair of pants in a quick dry fabric will be just right. That cancels out denim, as that would just get heavy from the wetness.
  • A short sundress: What this does is reduces how much of your clothes get wet from the rain, especially if you have an umbrella.
  • A warm jacket: It will be cold from the rains and so a nice, warm jacket will keep you warm and toasty. You can keep it in your bag to keep it dry.
  • Cool but Rain Ready Kicks: Plastic shoes are the best rain ready kicks. If you don’t feel comfortable with wearing plastic shoes, like wellingtons, you can wear shoes with plastic soles. You can stomp through all the puddle you want.
  • Plastic Bags: Want to protect your valuables from the rain?  Place them in a plastic or pvc bag, that way your goods are safe and dry.

Honorable mentions to Umbrellas and Raincoats.

There you have it a quick checklist to help you make wise fashion choices during the rainy season.

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