Abuja Festival Checklist

Abuja Festival Checklist

Its festival season in the ‘buj. Very soon a bunch of Abuja festivals will be the place to be. EKPO’s Summer Bbq Fest is this month, TCM Festival should be here soon and so many others. Just this past Saturday was She Leads Africa’s Lafiya Lifestyle Festival. So, I thought that it’d be helpful to provide a checklist of the basics you need. This checklist isn’t so cumbersome so that…


Nigerian ‘Summer’ Checklist

Summer is in quotes because even though it’s summer around the world its rainy season in Nigeria. I live in Abuja, and as much as it is the rainy season, we have a few really hot days. It can be really hard to dress for the weather because there are unexpected changes. One minute the sun is shining really bright and the next minute, the clouds come out. Here is…


Fashion City- Abuja

Beautiful sunrises that inspire poetry, hills and fields, no traffic (probably my favorite) laid back, stress free. Abuja is characterised by these. Fashion City? Abuja is becoming a major African fashion city and is doing so at its own pace and its own style?. Shocking as that may seem, its true. In this article the story of a budding fashion city is told. Fashion, style are a major part of…

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Beauty Through the Pain- Nigerian Bloggers for Breast Cancer.

Its October, its breast cancer awareness month and all month long various organizations and individuals have been talking about breast cancer, some even detailing their personal experiences with the disease. A few Nigerian Bloggers from Abuja, Lagos and Ibadan as led by the beautiful Larisa of Larisa Le Fleur and Winifred Atusue have come together to raise awareness and show that there is beauty through the pain. This post is my…